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Navigating pregnancy pains and postpartum recovery does not need to be a guessing game.

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Watch this quick video about your Pelvic Floor during pregnancy, childbirth & postpartum recovery

Do you feel heaviness in your pelvis when you exercise?

Are you pregnant and in pain?

Does sex hurt? Or are you scared it will?

When you run, are you not sure if it's sweat or urine?

Do you need help getting back to running, weight lifting, exercise?

Do you have pain in your pelvis that you can't quite figure out?

Do you feel like you have to pee ALL the time?

Have you been working on your diastasis recti but still feel weak?

We can help.

"I cannot recommend this practice highly enough. I'm a modest person but I felt so comfortable talking about such intimage matters, AND I ran my first postpartum marathoner leakage free after 7 months of peezing!"

--- KM


"I would recommend Rebecca to any and all people who need a physical therapist who cares about her patients. She will challenge you to be your best and make it fun while doing it."

--- JC


"Because of Lady Bird PT, sex doesn't hurt and my vagina doesn't feel like it's going to fall out after a long run. If that isn't great service, I don't know what is."

--- BT