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Pregnancy & Postpartum PT

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We treat all people.

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Do you feel heaviness in your pelvis when you exercise?

Are you pregnant and in pain?

Does sex hurt? Or are you scared it will?

When you run, are you not sure if it's sweat or urine?

Do you need help getting back to running, weight lifting, or other exercise?

Do you have pain in your pelvis that you can't quite figure out?

Do you feel like you have to pee ALL the time?

Have you been working on your diastasis recti but still feel weak?

We can help.

Common Conditions

Urinary incontinence and urgency

Pubic bone pain

Low back and sciatic pain

Sacroiliac and tailbone pain

Pain with sex

Diastasis Recti

Abdominal pain and weakness

Pre and post natal pain and weakness

Fecal and Gas Incontinence


Scar pain: episiotomy, cesarian