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Lady Bird PT is and out-of-network provider.

Physical Therapy

Lady Bird PT provides in home visits to address your pain and concerns. We come to you with our treatment table and all supplies. You just need comfy clothes and an hour of time! Children are always welcome during PT sessions, that's part of the reason we travel to you!

Expectant Parent Package

If you're pregnant and feeling great but looking for more information, this package is for you. Throughout the visits included in this package, we will empower you to stay healthy and strong during and following your pregnancy. 

You'll learn:

  • How to prepare for delivery

  • What is and isn't "normal"

  • How to recognize changes in your body that you may want to look out for

  • How to, safely, stay active and strong throughout pregnancy

  • How to correctly strengthen your pelvic floor and core

  • What you can do, step by step, during the early postpartum period to ensure you heal as quickly and effectively as possible!

Pregnant Athlete Package

This package includes everything in the Expectant Parent Package with additional services catering to those who want to return to running, weightlifting or intense exercise postpartum. ​

You'll learn:

Everything included in the Expectant Parent Package, plus:

  • Sport specific postpartum training

  • Sport specific postpartum exercise modification

  • Safe timelines to progress to prior level of activity

  • How to continue modifying activity independently moving forward

  • How to reduce your risk of injury and improve your body's resiliency moving forward

Virtual Consultations
Specifically created for those not local to Austin, in need of guidance regarding their pelvic health. If you're experiencing pain or symptoms and haven't been able to find help locally, this call is meant for you. 
You'll learn:
  • More about pelvic health and your body
  • What can be done to help your pain or symptoms
    Get help finding local resources for treatment and care
    What an action plan may look like for getting you pain and symptom free