Dr. Rebecca

Maidansky, PT, DPT

Rebecca founded Lady Bird PT after working as a pelvic floor physical therapist and realizing there was a better way to treat pregnant and postpartum folks. She wanted to spend more time with her patients, provide more personalized care, and make sure they knew they could set their goals higher and reach them faster.


Rebecca received her undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. After graduating she spent a year teaching English in Israel, then returning Temple University in Philadelphia, PA to earn her Doctorate in Physical Therapy.


While Rebecca started as a sports focused physical therapist, she transitioned to work in the pelvic floor world in order to marry her passion for working with athletes as well as pregnant and postpartum folks. She felt that too many people were coming in to see her while pregnant or following birth saying "I wish someone told me..." As a vocal advocate for the importance of women's health and better, more accessible care, she is excited to have the opportunity to work with pregnant and postpartum people in Austin to help make their transition into parenthood as comfortable as possible. She feels strongly that the aches and pains, both emotional and physical, that come during and following pregnancy can be eased and prevented by physical therapy. 

With over 5,000 hours working in pelvic floor physical therapy, hours of continuing education courses and a number of published articles, Rebecca has the experience to safely guide you through your varying needs. ​You can find her pelvic-related articles on sites such as Women's Running Magazine, Austin Fit and

In her free time, Rebecca enjoys running, hiking, backpacking, climbing and camping as well as spending time with her favorite people and favorite cats.

Dr. Anissa

Akrout, PT, DPT

Before becoming a Physical Therapist, Anissa received her Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering from Boston University, and led a successful career for nearly a decade in the semiconductor industry. Wanting to help people on a more intrinsic level, Anissa followed her passion for human health and fitness by attending University of St. Augustine in Austin, TX. She graduated in 2015 with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

While in school and working in an orthopedic clinic, she quickly observed the positive impact that pelvic health treatments had on her patients. She began to pursue her dry needling certification while working in this setting in order to help individuals suffering from aches and pains, particularly driven by muscle tension. In 2018, she began working at Sullivan Physical Therapy and while specializing in pelvic floor conditions, she realized that her skills could be of tremendous help to the pregnant and postpartum population.

Anissa strives for excellence in herself and more importantly, her patients. She approaches their concerns with understanding and compassion and focuses not only on her direct treatment, but also on the overall wellbeing of her patients.

Born and raised in Paris, France, Anissa brings a cultured approach to her treatments. She has travelled globally to South America, Africa, and Asia to help individuals in need. Her knowledge transcends language barriers through her fluency in French and English, and proficiency in Spanish.


In her free time, Anissa enjoys playing volleyball, dancing, and swimming as well as spending time with her loved ones and her dog.



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