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Founder &

Physical Therapist

Dr. Rebecca

Maidansky, PT, DPT

Rebecca (she/her) founded Lady Bird PT after working as a pelvic floor physical therapist and realizing there was a better way to treat pregnant and postpartum folks. She wanted to spend more time with her patients, provide more personalized care, and make sure they knew they could set their goals higher and reach them faster.


Rebecca received her undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. After graduating she spent a year teaching English in Israel, then returning Temple University in Philadelphia, PA to earn her Doctorate in Physical Therapy.


While Rebecca started as a sports focused physical therapist, she transitioned to work in the pelvic floor world in order to marry her passion for working with athletes as well as pregnant and postpartum folks. She felt that too many people were coming in to see her while pregnant or following birth saying "I wish someone told me..." and knew that this was not the fault of the patient, but rather the fault of a system that has not prioritized care for perinatal people.


As a vocal advocate for the importance of perinatal health and better, more accessible care, she is excited to have the opportunity to work with pregnant and postpartum people in Austin to help make their transition into parenthood as comfortable as possible. She feels strongly that the aches and pains, both emotional and physical, that come during and following pregnancy can be eased and prevented by education and guidance.

With nearly 10,000 hours working in pelvic floor physical therapy, hours of continuing education courses and a number of published writing, Rebecca has the experience to safely guide you through your varying needs. ​You can find her pelvic-related articles on sites such as Women's Running Magazine, Austin Fit and

In her free time, Rebecca enjoys running, hiking, backpacking, climbing and camping as well as spending time with her favorite people and favorite cats.


Physical Therapist

Dr. Jessica

Chastka, PT, DPT, WCS

Jessica (she/her) earned her Bachelor’s in Exercise Science from the University of Louisiana at Monroe, while playing softball. She received a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston in August 2015. In 2019 she became Board Certified in Women’s Health, through the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists.  


For the last five years she has been working as a pelvic floor physical therapist, treating people who have pelvic pain, leakage, urgency, frequency and constipation. This includes the pregnant and postpartum population as well as people with chronic pain. She is passionate about making her patients feel heard and seen, validating those who feel that their problems are not worth mentioning because everyone has them or because embarrassed to talk about them. 


Jessica became interested in pelvic floor physical therapy during PT school. She was working at a free clinic that her school hosted, being supervised by a pelvic floor physical therapist who made her screen patients with back, hip and knee issues for bowel, bladder and sexual dysfunction. This opened her eyes to see that many people did not know they had pelvic floor dysfunction because the symptoms seemed normal for their age or because many of us do not know what is normal concerning their bladder and bowels. She felt inspired to help those who thought that they could not be helped. After completing a clinical rotation in pelvic floor PT, she started working as a pelvic floor physical therapist in Austin, later going on to host a podcast all about pelvic floor dysfunction and interviewing medical experts all around the country, teaching continuing education courses for other physical therapists about pelvic floor PT and becoming Board Certified and Women’s health. 


Jessica loves working with the pregnant and postpartum people because there is so much that can be done to ease the transition from pregnancy to postpartum. While parenthood is no easy feat, physical therapy can help address the physical and mental aches and pains. She believes prevention is key and does not want any person to wish that someone would’ve told them to try physical therapy earlier. She wants people to understand that postpartum care does not stop 6 weeks after delivery and that it is never too late to reach your goals. 


In her free time, Jessica enjoys being outdoors, listening to music and podcasts, traveling and trying new foods and craft beer with her partner. 


Office Manager


Malinovich, CD(DONA)

Allie (she/her) is a DONA-certified birth doula and a passionate advocate for better care for people before, during, and after childbirth. She is a happy former patient of Lady Bird PT and also takes immense satisfaction in client service, so when the opportunity arose she jumped at the chance to join the team.

As a doula and also as a mother, having had two unmedicated vaginal deliveries, Allie knows firsthand the importance of pelvic floor physical therapy. She would often sing its praises to her birth clients and now feels so lucky to have the chance to see the real-life impacts day in and day out. She has a warm, open, and empathic nature and aims to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for people when they come to the office. The mom to two small humans, Allie is thrilled to be able to respond to both big and small rational requests from reasonable, full-sized humans.

Outside of the birth and PT world, Allie loves to read, take walks in her neighborhood, and do crafty things. She lives in South Austin with her husband, two kiddos, dog, and cat.