Preparing For A Hospital Birth: Interview With OBGYN Dr. Escarzaga

Updated: Mar 26

We had the chance to interview Austin's very own OBGYN Dr. Escarzaga to learn more about how to prepare for and what to expect from hospital births. We also asked many of the questions our viewers submitted when registering for this live event!

This interview answers:

  • Questions to ask your OB when choosing a provider

  • What you can expect will be different during a hospital birth in the midst of COVID-19

  • What the impact of an epidural is on birth outcomes

  • What kinds of birth positioning may be available to you if you have an epidural

  • What is a "walking epidural"

  • Benefits and risks of pushing from different positions

  • Why labor and delivery nurses are some of your best friends in the birthing process

  • Eating during labor and childbirth

  • Options for inductions

  • Options for someone at 40, 41 and 42 weeks and risk factors associated with going past your due date

  • Many more!

To schedule an appointment with or learn more about Dr. Escarzaga, click here.

Lady Bird PT's Birth Preparation & Postpartum Planning course offers you and your partner an opportunity to learn more about preparing your body for labor, birth and early postpartum recovery. You can take our online course or schedule a 1:1 session to learn more about:

  • How your pelvic floor and core are impacted by pregnancy and childbirth (both vaginal and cesarean)

  • How to train and relax your pelvic floor for birth

  • Perineal tear risk reduction to practice during pregnancy and labor

  • Breathing and vocalization techniques for push preparation

  • Alternative birthing positions and benefits of various positions

  • Questions to ask your provider at your 34 week visit

  • Postpartum recovery timelines for healing, exercise and sex

  • A plan to prepare your body and mind for the remainder of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum recovery

  • and more!

With any questions, comments or concerns please reach out to us here.

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