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This 6 week program is a simple, actionable, empowering plan to help your body safely recover while helping you regain connection to and confidence in your body. So often fear of returning to movement and exercise is what limits us in our postpartum recovery. There's fear of doing the wrong thing or not knowing where to start. This program takes the guess work out of it.


Postpartum recovery is hard enough. Let us help you simplify your reentry to fitness and core strengthening. This program is self paced, requires no equipment and can be tailored to fit into whatever amount of time you have. 


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What people are saying:


“This was perfect. It guided me through my early weeks without overwhelming me. There's so much noise out there and this gave me what I needed without all the unecessary confusion” -Jess 


“Getting back into exercise always felt so intimidating but this gave me the confidence I needed to take the first steps. Plus the workouts never took more than 25 minutes!” 



"Ahhh!! I found my core! Before I started this I honestly wasn't even sure where my core muscles went. Did they dissappear during birth? But I found them and I'm feeling stronger and more connected to my abs than I did even before pregnancy." 


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