Watch how I explain the pelvic floor & internal examinations to my patients.

This post doesn't include a catchy title and it doesn't include catchy text. This is a short, simple and real recording of me explaining the pelvic floor and purpose for internal examinations to my patient. In this 2 minute clip, I talk through:

  • The anatomy of the pelvis

  • What the pelvic floor is

  • The pelvic floor's job

  • Why we need a strong and flexible pelvic floor

  • Why an internal examination is a useful part of the pelvic floor PT examination

And as an important reminder, an internal examination is never a requirement. While a pelvic exam is a great way for us to get important and useful information about your body, what's most important is that you remain comfortable throughout the entirety of your exam. You can always choose not to have a pelvic exam or defer to a future visit.

For more information, watch this video we made on what to expect from your initial PT visit. If you'd like to learn more about how pelvic floor physical therapy can help you, contact us for a free 15 minute phone consultation.

You do not have to live with pelvic floor symptoms. Click here for a list of common pelvic floor conditions we treat at Lady Bird PT and reach out today for help. You can call us directly at 512-766-2649 or email to learn more!

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