Virtual Visits: The Good, The Bad, Everyone's Beautiful So There's No Ugly

I must admit, when transitioning to virtual visits last week I was also apprehensive. Can PT even work this way? This seems like a long shot... How can I help people if I can't see them in person? Those were all spinning through my head.

But then a remarkable thing happened. A few of my patients had experience with virtual visits and they signed on with confidence for a video call. After the first one, it was like the pearly gates opened and all of a sudden I understood the power of this platform.

So much of PT has nothing to do with putting your hands on a person. So much of PT is about movement patterns, strength training, problem solving, intimate discussions and education. The virtual sessions last week required nothing more than a computer (or phone) with a camera, and a little patience and creativity (a yoga mat didn't hurt, either) and all of a sudden we were seeing results. It was working.

When I asked my patients how they felt after their virtual sessions, their feedback was a resounding "Woah, this was way better than I expected it to be. Nothing can replace being in person, but we covered everything I needed us to and more." The feeling was mutual.

So let's break it down, what do video calls allow for?

  • Talking about how you're feeling & answering questions

  • Childbirth preparation

  • Postpartum recovery navigation

  • Assessing how your home program is treating you

  • Observing and assessing your movement, your gait, your strength

  • Teaching you how to test your strength, independently

  • Providing solutions and resources for home management ideas

  • Demonstrating exercises

  • Teaching you self management techniques for pain, weakness and other symptom

  • Teaching your loved one how to perform manual techniques to keep symptoms away.

  • The opportunity to discuss your concerns, fears, doubts and questions

What do video calls not allow for?

  • Hands on internal and external manual therapy

  • Vaginal and rectal exams

We cannot ignore that some people need hands on treatment. These people are not the best candidates for a video call. However, this week as compared to last, I can say with so much confidence that video calls can help many people achieve the progress they want and need to achieve. We can continue to make progress. We can START making progress, too. You don't have to wait, we're here for you.

If you're reading this when I'm posting it- we're in the midst of a Coronavirus induced shelter-in-place lockdown. So much is changing every day and we're all feeling anywhere from a little to a lot overwhelmed. Your pain, leakage, prolapse, diastasis recti, weakness or other symptoms do not need to be contributing to the madness.

If you're wondering "hm, are virtual visits right for me?" contact us now for a free consultation today. We can figure it out, together!

And if you're looking for other forms of virtual support, join our free facebook group Postpartum Recovery for weekly tips, lives, Q&As and updates to help guide you through all the noise and challenges.

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