Better Sex Movement Series

A 3 week, live workshop series to guide you in reducing pain with sex & improving pleasure during intimacy. Included in each session: interactive movement, takeaway exercises, Q&A and recording.

If you want to:

  • Relax your pelvic floor to reduce pain & improve pleasure during sex

  • Improve low back & hip mobility to help you move and feel better

  • Understand your pain

  • Learn techniques to try with your partner

  • Reclaim your sex life

This is for you.

Better Sex Movement Series


Week 1: Reconnect With Your Breath

The fastest and most effective way to learn to relax your pelvic floor and core is reconnecting with your breath. During week 1 we'll learn exercises to help us use our breath to relax our muscles & how to use these exercises to reduce pain with sex. You'll leave this session with homework to practice over the following week.

Week 2: Improve Your Mobility & Understand Your Pain

Week 2 focuses on mobility of our hips, low back and improving our understanding of why and how we experience pain, as well as how we can control pain. We'll spend some time talking about the emotional impact of pain and what we can do to address it. You'll leave this session with tools to practice over the following week.

Week 3: Tools, Tips and Conversations

Week 3 will focus on tools, tips and conversations for you to implement at home, on your own and with a partner. This week aims to empower you and give you options to address any remaining symptoms you're experiencing. Having a game plan to address your pain can make all the difference. That's this week is for.

Total Cost: $99