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This course includes to two hours of recorded material to help you prepare your pelvic floor and body for birth and postpartum recovery, as well as a downloadable workbook to help you take notes and follow along.

This purchase includes 12 months of access to frequently updated materials.

Upon finishing this course you should expect to feel confident in your understanding of:

  • Pelvic floor and core anatomy and physiology, how they relate to birth and what you can do to improve their readiness for labor and childbirth

  • What you can do prior to and during birth to improve the efficacy of your pushing

  • What you can do prior to and during birth to reduce the likelihood and severity of perineal tearing

  • How to adapt this information in the case of a c-section birth

  • Why pelvic floor relaxation is important for labor and how you can practice relaxation on your own at home

  • Discussion topics to voice with your medical team in preparation for birth

  • Appropriate expectations for your bladder, bowel and sexual health postpartum

  • Timelines and realistic expectations for safely returning to exercise postpartum

  • Indications that you may need personalized help postpartum and where you can find it


This course also comes with bonuses:

  •  Baby Steps Fitness - a 6 week postpartum exercise program to help you regain confidence in and connection to your body and core postpartum

  • Our 6 page downloadable perineal massage guide to follow along with while practicing at home independently or with a partner

Birth Preparation & Postpartum Planning

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Client Testimonial

"I absolutely loved the course. I feel SO very empowered and a lot more ready and confident in my body when it births. I've been gushing everything I'm learning to my husband, and it's opened up good conversations for him to understand what my body is going through, and will go through these next months. Rebecca is so very easy to listen to, watch, and learn from. It's digestible, personable, and so informative without being intimidating."



Client Testimonial

"My husband and I talked about the information throughout my entire labor, I kid you not. I swear this course was the reason I could push my baby out and the reason I didn't have a c-section. Thanks so much for being part of my birth dream team <3333"